Product Specifications

Thatched Buildings

General maintenance for a thatched roof is minimal and will last in excess of 25 years.

Thatched roofing not only provides you with a carbon neutral product, but is energy efficient, helping your building to retain heat in winter, and keep it cooler in summer.


Clay Roof Tiles

Our clay tiles are all made by hand by devoted tile makers, throwing blocks of clay onto sanded wooden moulds, then cutting, flattening and shaping accordingly to form each tile by hand.

Each tile maker seals his work with his handprint on the rear of the tile, knowing that thousands of tile makers handprints are hidden on roofs of premium buildings around the world!


Cedar Shingles

Our cedar shingles are Certigrade Number 1, producing the highest quality shingles for the highest quality finish.

Used for 100’s of years, Cedar Shingles have proven their durability, in all kinds of climates, their rich warm colour and texture blend beautifully in any natural environment. The natural effects of ageing and weathering give shingles an attractive silvery grey colour over time.

Cedar Shingles have the lowest energy of any roofing product, and emits one of the lowest pollution of any roofing product, and are sustainably sourced.


Wood Care

The timber used to handcraft your garden building, is of the highest quality standard, and is FSC registered. Where possible the timber has been pre-treated to protect from the elements of the great British climate.

To assist with longevity and the general appearance of your beautiful garden building, we recommend an annual maintenance on areas that are highly exposed to the elements, however this is not essential.


Windows & Doors

Our windows and doors are handmade by skilled carpenters and joiners and painted using a range of colours from the Fired Earth Paint range. We use an extra tough eggshell paint which is specially formulated to resist moisture and staining and dries to a subtle low sheen finish.

We use traditionally forged black ironmongery including, latches and locks, to ensure every building is secure and has the finest quality finish.



Our Office Range includes Celotex insulation. Celotex is the leading UK PIR thermal insulation provider for the building and construction market, it provides excellent thermal performance and is up to 100% more efficient than many mineral fibre products, and provides reliable long-term energy savings for buildings. Each building is then covered with a unique style cladding and painted using a selection from the Fired Earth paint range.



We use our unique style wider cladding boards for the flooring, and 32mm coir rope skirting producing an outstanding finish, used only by The Little Thatched Co.


Oak Frame

All of our office buildings have an exposed oak frame as standard, we use a local supplier who is as committed to the environment as we are, many of the trees are felled from a nearby Estate replacing old hazardous trees with a number of new ones.

All of the oak used in our buildings is air dried for a minimum of 5 years to ensure minimum movement following installation.


Fired Earth Paint

We only use the best both internally and externally, any painted areas are covered with your selected colour from the Fired Earth Range. We use a water based eggshell which is a tough washable paint with a low sheen, which will last for a number of years.