The CLA Game Fair Blenheim Palace Oxon 18-20 July 2014

Posted: 13th July 2014

The sun is shining (well intermittently!), and it’s that time of the year again, when we pack up our tents, load up our trailers and head to The CLA Game Fair!!

This year we are blessed for a number of reasons,

A/ it’s the closest destination to home.

B/ It is at the beautiful Blenheim Palace, gorgeous grounds and gardens, and the most beautiful palace that architecturally is pretty hard to beat!

C/ I don’t want to tempt fate, but the weather is looking promising!

Blenheim Palace was built in the early 18th Century to celebrate the victory over the French in the war of the Spanish succession. In particular it was built as a gift for the first Duke of Marlborough – The military commander who led the allied forces in the battle of Blenheim on the 13th of August 1704. Over the years, several Dukes have made a considerable difference to Blenheim Palace and its surrounding Areas.

The CLA Game Fair, began life with an informal discussion, between two game rearing specialists more than half a century ago. The first game fair was held in Newmarket in 1958 and attracted 8,500 visitors nowadays the event attracts somewhere in the region of 140,000 visitors.

The CLA Game Fair attracts the very highest quality exhibitors, so you would expect nothing less than to see The Little Thatched Company, located within the Elegant Gardens on stand number A0060.

We have donated one of our Fab Funky Pictures to the Clay Shooting competition, so if you are involved we wish you luck!!

If you are not lucky enough to win the 18th century dictionary print, or clay shooting is not your thing. It’s not all doom and gloom, you can visit our stand and treat yourself to one!

With a range of dogs, and sporting animals to choose from, including a fox clad in his best riding attire, you will be hard pushed to resist! And, with a show offer below the RRP you will want to treat your friends and family too!

We have also been nominated for the best new product, which is a real honour and a privilege. Let’s hope the judge loves our products as much as we all do!

We will be bringing a range of high quality, individually crafted products, including a range of log stores, and a beautiful Tudor style Thatched Cottage which would be suitable for an office, or an extravagant playhouse, fit for a King and his Queen!

We hope to see you there!