Benefits Of Working From Home!

Posted: 2nd June 2014

At The Little Thatched Company, Our Garden Buildings Are So Much More Than A Shed!

Not only are our buildings aesthetically pleasing, offer practical working space, and enhance the value of your home but there may be tax and health benefits too!

There are many reasons to purchase a Little Thatched Co garden building, from the hand carved oak, through to the handmade tiles and thatched roof.

But there are also financial benefits too!

HMRC will consider some of your expenditure as a ‘tax-deductible’ expense, including tax relief for capital allowances. Which means not only can you claim back key allowances and reliefs such as fuel, household expenses, and professional fees and expenses, but you may also claim back part of the capital expenditure utilised to purchase your Little Thatched Co Building! (speak to your accountant for further clarity, or we are happy to refer you to ours!)

If all that wasn’t reason enough………….

The Mail recently published that ‘ A Year of your life is wasted commuting! The average worker pays more than £50,000.00 for the privilege’ and over a lifetime commuters spend an average 10,634 hours travelling to work!

Londoners spend the most time on the move with an average of 1hour and 14 minutes per day!

A survey carried out by Ceridian UK published that the top ten benefits of working from home are:-

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Skill Retention ( greater commitment from staff)
  3. Happier Staff
  4. Better work/life balance
  5. Flexible working conditions
  6. Office space and other facilities go further
  7. Better customer service
  8. Reduced overheads
  9. Positive company image
  10. Lower stress for staff and greater wellbeing.

It’s fair to say that there are many benefits of working from home, for employers, and employees.


Has there ever been a better reason to purchase your Little Thatched Co building?!?

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